[November 13, 2009]

So yeah, I know it's been two weeks since I have done anything on this site. I had the opportunity to assist captain my cousins 42' sailboat from Baltimore to Hobe Sound, FL, and I couldn't say no to the adventure. In 11 days we only were able to make it to Jacksonville, FL because of high winds and seas from hurricane Ida.

Tonight I wanted to get moving finishing up the panel. I installed the EIS permanently. This new damn digital camera is notorious for taking blurry pics. Never again will I own a Nikon.

I also shrink wrapped the wiring and put on the protective shells on the connectors.

Next I needed to screws some manifold connectors I bought from SteinAir for the pitot (green tube) and static (white tube) systems. The manifolds ended up being a super nice solution.

Here is how I routed my pitot line.

Next I installed the EFIS with the AHRS and pitot/static connectors.

Wired this puppy up along with connecting it to the pitot/static system.



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