[June 5, 2009]

I took the day off of work today to dedicate to the project. I got a lot done, so lets get to it. I permanently mounted the oil cooler to the rear baffle. You can see I used a union nut with screws into either side so I could use a flush screw on the forward face. Since there wasn't a locknut involved, I used high strength locktite. Hopefully that should hold - I don't see why not.

Here is an inside shot of how the oil cooler screws are mounted. The bottom two are flush.

Next I installed the baffles for a last time.

With the baffles on finally, I was able to run the magneto wires to the bottom plugs.

I added an extra hold on the baffle for a mag wire clamp.

The right side of the engine took a little more work to route the wires. I removed the oil filter and used one of the studs for the prop governor for clamp for the mag wires. I also zip-tied them to the oil cooler return line.

With the mag wires run, I installed the bottom plugs. I noticed immediately there was an interference with the #4 EGT probe and the spark plug.

The #1 cylinder had the same issue.

Luckily someone else on the VAF forums ran into this same problem. There are two things you can do -- either get the bad hole welded up or install a stainless screw under the EGT clamp. Since I really don't want to take off the exhaust, I think the screw solution is for me. I also drilled a new hole.

Same solution for the #4 cylinder. I drilled a new hole here too.



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