[May 25, 2009]

I took a 4 day weekend over this Memorial Day and was only able to dedicate one day to the project. I can't remember the last time I have put in a full day. This year has been a total cluster on the project ever since I got my new boat. Don't really mind it, as the boat is a lot of fun, but man does it eat airplane time and airplane money. Good thing most of the expensive stuff for the plane is bought.

Anyways, onward with the sealing of the cowl. The other night I messed with mixing a micro/epoxy solution with acetone and spreading it on with a brush. That worked really well. So I did the rest of the bottom cowl.

I needed to put in the oil door backing plate and the oil door hinges on the top cowl before I could seal it. So I prosealed all of that good stuff in. I think this is the last of the proseal I need to deal with on the project (how many times have I said that on this project?).

With the cowl drying I figured it was time to wrap up the plenum. I drilled all the holes to #19 that hold the baffles to the plenum.

This was a perfect spot to add another screw to secure the plenum.

I needed to make a bracket from the front baffles on the right side to the side baffles. There was some interference with the plenum so I needed to get creative and make an odd shaped bracket.

With all the holes on the plenum drilled, I started putting in the nutplates. My cordless drill ran out of juice so I could only put in 2/3's of the nutplates. Fine by me. Nutplates suck to put in. What a great day.



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