[April 16, 2009]

Reading the Grand Rapid EIS manual told me where to put the EGT probes -- something like > 2" from the exhaust ports on the engine, and have them all the same distance. I ended up using something a little over 2" and drilled some #30 holes. I made sure before I drilled the holes to see if the probes would interfere with cowl and how the wire routing would play out. Here are the holes for the #1 and #3 cylinders.

And the #2 and #4 cylinders.

The EGT probes are a piece of cake to install. Just clamp them on.

I also received my gear for my EMAG's from EmagAir. I thought I could use the gear from my right mag, but I found out after I bought the EMAG that my right mag was an impulse mag (just like the left), and I couldn't use the drive gear off the impulse mag. Here is a shot of the gear on the EMAG with a castle nut and a cotter pin.

And another shot.

And one more...I them reinstalled the EMAG for the last time.

Next I needed to trim the aft inboard flange of the oil cooler so it wouldn't interfere with the engine mount.

This nutplate is still interfering with the cylinder cooling fin. And this was causing fit issues with my plenum. In the end, I finally devised a plan to remove the nutplate, dimple the hole for a countersunk screw, and use a coupler nut on the other side. You will see in a week or so what I am babbling about...

I installed the steel fittings I bought from ACS on the oil cooler. the bottom one looks like it will work out nicely. I might need to clamp the tube to the fuel pressure line coming off the fuel pump since they are close.

The top fitting is also a elbow fitting that won't work. A 45 degree fitting would work great here, but I don't have an extra one of those in steel.

Next I wanted to route the fuel line from the fuel controller to the fuel divider (or spider) on top of the engine. This fuel controller came with the output on the front of the controller, with a elbow fitting. This wouldn't work.

On the back is an alternative output for the fuel controller. I ended up capping the front port and installing a 45 degree fitting on the back.

The fuel line needed to penetrate the baffle to get to the fuel divider. So I measured a hole out and cut.

I put a grommet on the fuel feed hose and popped it into the baffle. Looks great. Very little interference issues.

Here the line and the 45 degree fitting are coming out of the fuel controller. Looks like it will clear the mixture control cable and is clear of the exhaust.

Top vier.

And side view. The fuel line does rub the oil hose, but I will use two adel clamps to hole these together when I mount everything permanently.

Finally I routed the right EMAG wires to the top plugs. I bought these baffle passthrough's from ACS (p/n: 07-01014) for the spark plug wires. They seem to work OK.



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