[February 9, 2009]

I got a good night in tonight on the plenum and made some real progress. I finally got the fit good enough and drilled it to the baffles. I used one of the predrilled #30 holes on top of the #3/4 cylinders, as well as #40 new hole on the very very front. These are just temporary until I can get the baffles trimmed down enough and the final spacing figured out.

This is the left side.

I drew a line on the top of the baffles and trimmed them down to be about flush with the top of the plenum.

Since the recess on the Van's baffles is more aft than plenum is, I needed to extend it back. My original thought was just to offset this back, but the angle on the back of it didn't line up well with the baffles. So I tossed it.

I taped the hell out of the baffles to prevent the fiberglass from sticking to it.

I also put some drop cloth over it and a piece of wood to act as a catch. All of that is covered with packing tape.

I put 3 layers of glass around the perimeter. It's not held to the plenum that well, but this is just a start. I need to get the contour of the baffles down, then then I will work on the top of it. I will probably lay that up from the inside of the plenum.

Another shot. Looks crappy, but all it's meant to do is match up with the baffles.



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