[August 25, 2008]

The other day I lugged the canopy back out to the garage and put it on the frame. I need to make the side skirts. As soon as I put it on, I realized I needed to countersink the side holes to put temporary screws on so I could hold the skirts in place without the clecos interfering. I tried countersinking on some scrap plexiglass, but the countersinks were nasty looking. I guess my bits are a bit beat up over three years of use. I decided to play it safe and ordered a bunch of new #30 and #6 screw bits today.

OK, back to the oil door. I made this backing out of 0.032". It's 1" wide, with 1/2" overlapping the fiberglass and 1/2" for the oil door to come in contact with.

Here is a shot of how it looks installed. I am going to wait to drill it until I get some hinges. I took Dan Checkoways recommendation and ordered some aluminum concealed hinges from Guden (p/n NHAL9290). They were pretty cheap ($3.99 ea), however, Guden has a $25 minimum. So I needed to buy 8 of them total. I figure I will sell them off on the forums once I make sure they work to recoup some cash.

Next on the list of things to do is make the oil door. I hear nothing but great things about metal oil doors, so that's the direction I am going. When I was at Oshkosh, I ran into Dick Martin and we spoke extensively about his oil door. He told me to cut the initial door way bigger than the final size to help bend it. So, I made my initial sheet 3" larger in all dimensions than the door size is.

After about 45-60 minutes of bending and fitting, I got the final shape down.

Another shot for what its worth.

Here is the final product. Took a while to file it down, and it still needs to be reduced some more. But for now it fits nice and snug in the cowl.

Another shot. I am really happy with how this turned out.



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