[July 22, 2008]

While at work today I cut six 9/16" x 24" strips of .020" on the sheers to act as spacers between the firewall and the hinges.

I used a cut off wheel on a die grinder to slice through the fiberglass on the marked line. I got within 1/16" of the line, knowing I could sand thew rest. It's amazing how strong the fiberglass is. It seems to be easier to cut the same thickness aluminum than this stuff.

I clecoed the 020 strip to the top of the firewall and drilled it.

WTF is this thing? Well, its a 1 3/4" beetle that flew and landed on my leg! Normally I am not freaked out at all with bugs, but this thing was a freak of nature.

Next I cut and clecoed the top hinge onto the firewall. I didn't put the 020 spacer under the hinge because I thought the protruding dimples would simulate enough of a spacing. I really wish I didn't dimple this until after this was all put together.

It took some time, but I got the top hinge drilled to the firewall.

I wanted the hinge to stick as far forward as possible so you wouldn't see hinge eyelets when you looked at the gap between the top skin and the cowl. I have about 3/32" of raw hinge to cover the gap when I put the rivet line 3/16" from the aft end of the hinge.

Finally I put the cowl back on to do a test fit. Seemed to fit pretty good on the first attempt. I have a little sanding to do here and there, but I am pretty much there. Happy Days!



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