[May 21, 2008]

Got a mega order from spruce in today, including some fiberglass supplies. Hmmm, could I be getting ready to glass something????

In the Spruce order was a stainless steal heater vent. Van's sells an aluminum model, but in the case of a fire, that thing would melt in 0.0001 secs. Then you have a 2" hole of hell leading into the cabin. I think for the $70 difference its worth it.

Here is the "CABLE B NUT CARB HEAT 222-4" p/n 05-16245 B-Nut. I needed this to interface the parking brake cable to the parking brake valve. You will see in the next pic.

Here is is installed. There is an allen bolt in the end that tightens down on the cable that passes through the hole in the B-Nut. At 8 bucks, its a rip off, but a nice solution.

Next I marked where the heater box's 2" hole goes. This measurement was on one of the drawings that came with the firewall forward kit.

I used my clamp in spreader mode to push give the hole saw some backing.

I found this 2" hole saw in my toolbox...I think I inherited it from my grandfather. Let's see what it can do.

Well, that didn't work so hot....must not be for metal. I didn't feel like shelling out $10 for a hole saw at home depot for this one time hole, so I got the fly cutter out and chucked it into my drill. Talk about a scary combination. Be careful if you try this!

Here the result it. Worked great.

After drilling two holes, the box is on temporarily. I am going to wait until after the firewall recess is riveted on until I screw this on. Also, they recommend some stainless steel bolts which I will get with my next Spruce order. Nothing like needing to order more right after you get an order!

Here is the shot from the inside. The idea is pulling on a cable opens the door.

Next I drilled the Matco PV-1 parking valve to the firewall. I used the carb heat cable I had to simulate the parking brake cable that will eventually go here.

Here is an adel clamp clamped to the subpanel rib. I think this will work just fine. There isn't that much force from the cable to actuate the mechanism in the parking brake.

I took everything off to deburr,etc and installed some fittings so flared tubing can interface. I put a little EZ-Turn on the threads

Next I spent about an hour fabbing up the two tubes from the parking brake valve to where the brakes leave the front of the fuselage. Although not 100% parallel, they serve the purpose.



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