[April 3, 2008]

Van's sells a battery mounting kit for $50, but my battery came with the metal jacket, so I figured why not roll my own. I took the metal jacket and cut the optional lightening holes in it. Every ounce counts! The fly cutter had fun with this!

Next I made these two side brackets out of 1/8" thick angle. I was going to use 063, but on the install kit Van's sell, they use steel. I figure 063 might be a little skimpy, and there is no way 0125 is going anywhere.

I spent some time figuring out the optimal rivet layout and riveted the angle to the battery box.

The rivets are flush on the inside, so the angle is countersunk to accept the dimples.

And here the battery box is secured to the fuselage.

It is secured with three AN3 bolts in the indicated position. I need to order a aluminum bar to hold the battery to the case, and then the case and mount is done! That wasn't bad at all. I spent some time cleaning up the garage and getting ready for the next task -- cutting the canopy!



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