[February 9, 2008]

It's funny when I look at other builders web sites for information on how they made this thing fit, information is a little thin. This makes me think they didn't get the warm and fuzzies about their job either. Well, I left off the other day with the canopy frame hinge arms not being able to squeeze into the UHMW blocks. I actually got the left one is somewhat easy, but the right one was no go. On the hinge arms, I beveled the front so it would make it easier to enter. That made the left one easier, but the right one was still a no go. What I did was take the UHMW blocks out and taper them down slightly on a bench sander. Well, after a couple of iterations, that seemed to do the trick! There is a ton of interference right off the bat here.

The first culpret was right here....

Then the hinge arm was rubbing the .25" thick block between the UHMW blocks.

I took it off and filed off about 1/4" off each.

Things are working a little better now, It is a very very iterative process. Lots of on/off. Don't let the pic fool you, it was like 3 hours of on and off work to get to this point.

There is so much that can move here it isn't funny. What really helped was bumping these arms as high as they can go with a mallet.

And also pushing them as far forward as they can go.

What really helped was using a clamp to pull the front channel of the canopy frame down with some long clamps. This made the gap on the sides of the fuselage almost disappear! I am still playing with how things are fitting. It's real frustrating because when you move something, everything else moves too. I am going to leave this for the night and sleep on it. I really want to make the front butt right up against the forward skin all the way around.



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