[February 1, 2008]

OK, with the majority of the fuselage out of the way, it's time to work on the canopy. First off is to make the C-617, 618 and 619 blocks. I took the 1/4" thick bar to work to make the C-619's on the bandsaw (right). The other two are precut plastic blocks that needed the proper holes drilled in them at the prescribed locations.

OK, once van's tells you to make the blocks according to the plans and drill them, they say to drill them in the assembly instead. I was a little ticked for a second, but it turned out the locations for the predrilled holes were right on. I need to keep on remembering to read on! Anyways, I installed the C-618 block on the F-745 rib with a cleco and clamped it down when the front was flush with the subpanel.

Once it was flush, I used a #12 bit to put a 1/16" deep hole in the plastic. The idea is to mark the hole by backdrilling it slightly, then finish it off with a #10 bit in the drill press to get it perfect.

After some work, I drilled the C-618 and backdrilled the C-619 with the same pattern for each pair.



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