[March 12, 2008]

Man, I had all kinds of intentions of putting in a good night on the project, but that went to hell in a hurry. I left work 90 minutes later than I wanted to, then I had to work from home to support some french canadians. Mixed with other things, the project didn't get the time it deserved tonight. In the short time I had, I did make some decent progress. I backdrilled the bracket using the #10 holes in the block as guides.

Next I put the locations of all 4 nutplates. The one in the upper right of this pic has a funny angle - its the only place it can go.

Next I bent down the power coated steel part. I marked the bend line on some masking tape I put over the powder coat. I have found that sharpies like to bleed into the white powdercoat.

Next I shortened the steel shaft. Using a bench sander really made it easy.

I shortened it to be about 1/32" - 1/16" shy of the height of the UHMW block.

I then used a #52 drill bit (approx 1/16") to drill a hole for the cotter pin.

Finally I got out my cordless battery to actuate the server to its min and max positions, then found the center. I then retracted the server to the center/neutral position.



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