[December 16, 2007]

Today I pretty much finished up the canopy frame. I still have to debur and paint a few things, but it's definitely nothing big at all. To start out the day I enlarged the two holes holding the canopy frame angles to the top of the F-705 to 1/4".

Next I used the side skin to backdrill the canopy frame and .125" angle with two #30 holes.

Then I backdrilled the aft hole on the angle to the frame to a #12.

On the side skins, I enlarged the hole to #19 and dimpled it.

Then I countersunk the aft holes for a #10 screw. It does look like the countersunk hole is crooked, but it has to be. Since the angle is tapered to match the side of the skin, the angle needs to be countersunk more so the skin doesn't protrude.

Then I countersunk the forward holes using a #30 countersinking bit to accommodate a #8 dimple. Once that was done and tested, I enlarged the hole from #30 to #29 and tapped it out to 8-32 for the screw to set in.

Finally I used the two #40 holes in the inboard angles to backdrill the inside of the canopy frame. I needed to sneak a 90 degree drill bit adapted in the aft hole to get these. Once the hole was made, I enlarged it to a #12. Two bolts go in here.



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