[October 15, 2007]

I started out tonight by drilling the seat belt anchor to the longeron A cable attaches here that goes to the shoulder belts.

Next I found and fabricated everything for the elevator bellcrank.

Next step was to rivet the F-728 to the F-706 bulkhead. First thing first was to drill the remaining 3 holes to the F-706 bulkhead. You also gotta dimple all of these for flush rivets.

I thought I was screwed because when the fuse got riveted together, we riveted the F-728 to the bottom. I was concerned that I couldn't rivet the angle to the F-728 with it riveted to the floor.

Turns out it was a non issue.

Next was the fun part - I actually had to get into the fuse! My method for getting in seems to be stepping on the F-704 bulkhead first, then onto some wood on the seat ribs, and finally a piece of wood on the baggage ribs. Anyways, after some minor contorting, I wacked out all the rivets holding the F-728 to the F-706 bulkhead.

The instructions say to rivet these F-656 gussets to the F-706 (and 707) and the longeron, but I don't see how you can possibly know the final position of the top of this bulkhead without the top skin on. The bulkheads wobble around a lot - maybe up to 1/4" or so. I am going to wait until the top skin is clecoed on, then clamp these in place.

Finally I spent a bunch of time prepping everything that is aft of the F-706 bulkhead - basically everything that gets primed with AKZO. Hopefully tomorrow cooperates to get this done.



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