[September 12, 2007]

I got my firewall sealant the other day from SealPak. Not a lot of sealant for $67 shipped! Oh well, whatchagonnado?

Here are 5 flush rivets that are going to be interesting to set. The mushroom set is too large to attack these rivets.

The backriveting set is perfect for these rivets, but I didn't want the clunkyness of the spring and bushing to get in the way, so I took 'em off for the time being.

See what I mean? I put some tape over the set to protect the skin a little from scratches.

My dad showed up, and fast forward a couple of hours to what we have here. We completely finished the left side aft of the F-704 bulkhead. Actually, if you look hard, there are 3 #30 clecoes between the side skin and the outboard seat rib - these get flush rivets because the nutplates interfere with driving rivets.

We also banged out the top. I just remember that I probably shouldn't of riveted the vertical post that goes on the F-706 bulkhead to the bottom skin. Oh well, I think its just 3 rivets to drill out.

And almost the right side. Both of us were beat after 2.5 hours so we called it a night.

Check out how good these flush rivets turned out. They look just like every other rivet on the plane.

With all the rivets set around the rear spar, it was time to put in the spacer and the An3-10A bolt and torque it up.

I also banged out 3 of the baggage ribs that attach to the F-706 bulkhead. I used a single offset rivet set for these - it seemed to work quite well solo.

Next I got out the bottom skin and temporarily set it on the fuse with just two clecoes in the aft.

So now I have both side skins and the bottom skin slightly away from the firewall flanges. This space will be used to put on the firewall sealant. Once the sealant is on, I will 100% cleco everything together. Tomorrow my plan is to get the firewall sealed to the side skins and finish any misc riveting. Friday or Saturday my dad is coming back over to finish this puppy up.



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