[June 24, 2007]

I was able to get almost a full day in the shop today and I took advantage of it all. Time for the fun part - riveting. First I put the nutplates and the clips on these removable parts for the seating ribs. I put the clips on first so the nutplate wouldn't interfere.

Next I put the one lug nutplates on the crotch strap bracket.

And then a bunch of nutplates on the seat ribs.

I riveted only the 4 ribs that attach the crotch brackets to the F-704 aft bulkhead first so I could use solid rivets for the bracket. If you put all of the ribs in, then you have no access to use a squeezer.

See - nice solid rivets.

Next I put in the remaining 4 seat ribs.

Finally I attached the F-705 bulkhead and the baggage ribs. I had a hell of a time getting the two end ribs riveted. Access totally sucks for squeezing and bucking the upper river. One of then I got OK, the other I am not happy with it. I am probably going to just replace it with a #8 screw tomorrow.



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