[June 15, 2007]

I started a list of all kinds of prep that needs to be done to the center section. First off was to backdrill the flanges of the seat ribs for the AN3 bolts that go through the spar.

Next was 4 of the ribs needed to be modified for conduit passthroughs. I took my Adel nibbler to take a first pass.

Then a drum sander in my dremel to finish up the job. Took about 60 seconds to do.

The results are nothing but perfection.

Next was the hole in the seat pan needs to be enlarged so the crotch strap hardware can fit through it. Some people make this hole big enough so the rotary release mechanism can pass through here, but I decided to keep it small. The rotary comes undone from the rest of the belt easily enough to not bother with making the hole larger.

I needed the hole to be 2.5" wide, so each side needed to be lengthed by 3/32".

After a some filing, the belt hardware fit nicely.

Next on the list was to modify the lap seat belt hardware. 4 of the brackets interfere with the seat ribs.

Here is just one of the brackets that needs to be modified. Where the line is here causes the #12 hole to not meet the edge distance requirements, but onlu by about 1/32". I am going to look at triming back the flange of the seat rib.



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