[May 7, 2007]

I took the day off the project to pick up a new toy. My grandfather has given up driving and I got his 1985 Buick LeSabre. As you can see, it is in excellent condition. This car is far from the norm of what I have owned in the past. It is the first car I have owned that has and automatic transmission and also 4 doors. Nothing really compares to how this thing takes charge of the road.

I got a shipment from SkyGeek today. They had some great prices on grease. I picked up some 33MS for the aileron bellcrank. Van's tells you to use "your favorite grease", and I did some R&D and this stuff looks great for general use. A lot of people use bicycle grease, but I figured might as well use the best. Anyways, now I can put the bellcranks on and mount the ailerons and flaps.

Next was onto the dreaded longerons. I cut them to 173 7/16". I measured these things about 100 time before I made the "big cut". The 6" chop saw made this a breeze. I cut it about 1/8" from the line and used a series of files to get it perfect.

Next I clamped the longerons to some scrap woods in order to label them correctly.

The longerons need to be modified on the aft end. I marked the cut lines and then used a unibit to make the radius.

To cuts with the hacksaw and a lot of filing, and you have the end result. I did the other longeron and called it a night.



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