[December 28, 2005]

I faxed in my order to Van's for the wings today. It takes about 10 weeks to produce, so that should be about the time I am done with the empennage (hopefully well done long ago). I wanted to order them before Jan 1 in to lock in 2005's rates. I chose the capacitive style sending units. I am planning on using an all-in-one engine monitoring unit. I decided to go with the capacitive style unit instead of the resistive because of there are no moving parts. Another reason for capacitive is that they are supposed to be almost perfectly calibrated at all times. The theory behind capacitive senders is they measure the capacitance of the contentents of the tank. The gas is considered the dielectric here. When gas is consumed, the dielectric changes, hence the capacitance of the tank changes. I couldn't tell you how many times I have gotton in a 172 with full tanks only to see the gauges read 3/4 tank. I never get lower than 1/4 tank indicated because I am anal about running out of gas in the air.

The downside to the capacitive sending units is they cannot be serviced without tearing the tanks apart, they are move expensive than the resistance type, they don't have the history that the resistive have and also I have heard they are a pain to install. Sounds like fun!


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