[March 9, 2007]

I started out today with drilling the counterweight on the left aileron. I started with a 3/32" drill bit, so I wouldn't dull my #40 bits. Then I used a #30 to final size it. I used lots of boelube.

Next I final drilled the bottom rivets. These get drilled out to #30 to accommodate the pop rivets.

When I put together the right aileron, I noticed that the aileron had a slight bow - maybe 3/32" at the worst spot.

I didn't know if I could fix this, so I tried clamping a long piece of angle to the trailing edge before match drilling the aileron. I lucked out because this method took the bow down to 1/32".

I broke out the 12" #30 bit to get these holes on the aft side of the counterweight.

Next I countersunk the galvanized pipe.

I needed to dimple the leading edge of the aileron skins, but you can't use a c-frame or DRDT because it would ding the skin. So I did what all other builders do and use the countersunk galvanized pipe as the female die and a male #30 dimple die. This jig was used to hole the pipe on top of a 2x8.

I used a threaded rod to make a holder for the male die.

After a couple wacks with a mallet, the skin dimpled nicely and the rivet fit perfectly.



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