[December 17, 2006]

I was playing around with where to put the hole on the blank access panel for the fuel pickup. I am using Van's pickup tube. Its cheap, already made and I like it a lot better than the pickup tube that you could make. Anyways, this is how the tube sits with the prepunched hole in the access panel.

This is how I thought it should look.

Moving the hole down 5/32" on the new blank panel (difference from the prepunched panel) gave me this result. I am happy.

These are the finished antirotation brackets.

Next was to backdrill the nutplate holes for the access panel.

Then put nutplates on.

All done. These tanks are A LOT OF WORK. There is a lot of detail and fabrication needed for everything. Each day I think I am away from starting to seal everything up and I slowly wade through each task. All I have left before I can start sealing now is the backdrill the cap and drain and deburr everything.



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