[October 28, 2006]

Today I started probably one of the most mondane processes in building the RV - deburring the wing ribs. It is quite a process - 54 ribs total. First thing I did was remove all of the stickers from the ribs by peeling them off and then using Goof Off to get the sticky residue off. Before I tossed the label out, I labeled all of the ribs with a sharpie. Next I hit all of the ribs with a 2" scotchbrite wheel on a RotoZip. I have to say that the RotoZip is the tool to have for this. No air compressor buzzing in the background as with a die grinder and the RotoZip has a really nice handle to hold onto. Plus it is easy to select how fact you want the wheel turning - variable from 15k to 25k RPM.

Finally I got through maybe 8 ribs my going over them with a deburring tool, file, emery cloth and a scotchbrite pad. I think it takes me about 5 minutes to go over each rib with the manual process. With 8 down and 48 to go, it is looking like it should take about 4 more hours to get this one step done. And thats not even counting bending the flanges and fluting.

All of the ribs that need to be prepped. 54 in all.

I reorganized the ribs according to what they are used for - the rear ones go between the front and rear spars, the middle ones are for the leading edge and the closests ones are for the fuel tank.

This is my new favorite RV tool - the RotoZip. Checkout how worn down the scotchbrite wheel is.



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