[October 19, 2006]

Tonight I completed cutting/trimming the 4 doublers. My method was simple. I marked on one of the smaller doubler plates where I wanted my cut to be. I decided to do the smaller one first because 1) if I screwed it up, it would be cheaper from Van's, and 2) if I screwed it up, shipping would be less from Van's. I checked it about 5 times and when I was happy with it, I started the cut. I used the hacksaw with a new 18 tpi (teath per inch) blade I got today at the Home Depot. This blade makes using the hacksaw a real pleasure. I was going to use a cut off wheel but that thing is just too unpredictable, and I don't like using it with thick stock. I used the vixen file, then a rough file, then a medium file and then the scotchbrite wheel to get it where I wanted it to be. Then I layed it on the paper mockup I made yesterday and it fit. Then I clecoed it to the larger doubler and traced it out. I measures all of the lines again and it looked good. I made the other cut, Then clecoed the two pieces together and sanded them together with the scotchbrite wheel. You basically can't tell that it is two pieces of aluminum when you look at it.

I then marked the second smaller doubler with the finished smaller doubler and repeated the process. I am happy with the results.

One last note. When I left the shop last night, I left the air system presurized at 80 psi. This evening, 20 psi was in the system. I definitely fixed some of the bigger leaks. If I am bored out of my skull with wing rib deburring, I might try to find the other leaks, but not likely.

My first pass cutting with the hacksaw.

I then clecoed the two doublers together and marked the bottom one.

This is the mark. I verified the lines with the diagram's measurements.

This is both of the pieces clecoed together after hitting them with the scotchbrite wheel. Thanks to Brad Oliver from rv7factory.com for this good idea.

Then I marked the second smaller doubler with the first one.

All of the pieces trimmed. Thats it for tonight.



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