[October 16, 2006]

I finished off the 4 spacers for the tie down bracket assembly. The next thing you need to do is shorten a 7.5" AEX bracket to 7 15/32". Not the simplest thing to do, but I used the chop saw to get it done. Worked OK, probably wouldn't do it again.

Next was to drill one hole in the AEX stock for the first drill bit. You match drill 7 of the 8 holes, but you need to get the first one done to cleco/bolt it to the spar. Brad Oliver http://www.rv7factory.com had a great idea by taping down the spacers, then putting the tiedown bracket on top of that. It worked great. I backdrilled all of the holes and on the right tiedown bracket and put the spar away. I moved the left spar into position to work on it tomorrow night.

4 spacers fabricated.

What a mess.

not anymore

this is how much you need to take off of the bracket.

You need to drill the first hole 1/2" from the side of the bracket. Luck would have it that the width of the ruler that came with the Avery kit is exactly 1/2". Easiest measurement EVER.

First hole drilled.

Spacers lined up.

2" wide masking tape held everything in place nicely.

Made sure the bracket was square..

Clamped the bracket.

Tada. All of the holes drilled out.



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