[September 2, 2006]

After many months of being off the project, today was the day to move the wing crates to the new house and open the puppies up. I wasn't looking forward to moving the crates out of my parents basement because getting them down there just about killed my dad and I. Surprisingly though, getting them out was a piece of cake. We loaded both crates into a full size pickup and they made their final journey in crates to the new house. I quickly opened both up and was immediately hit by seeing the wingtips. Those suckers are BIG! Next was onto the inventory - which BTW, the list is as long as the wingtip is. I wanted to account for all of the little stuff tonight (minus the hardware bad) and sure enough every little thing was there. I put everything into into my 2' x 4' shelving units and once again they made keeping everything straight a piece of cake. I am waiting to go through the skins and longerons until I figure out where I am going to store it in the shortrun. 99% of this project is keeping organized and not letting the project control you, so I am taking my sweet time getting everything straight both in my head and the shop. Plus I have 1000 other things going on now in the new house that tend to send me into overload sometimes with how much stuff I have on my plate. There are definitely not enough hours in the day for what I have to do.

I opened up this box first. The first thing that hit me was the wingtips. These things are MASSIVE. What have I gotton myself into?!!?!?

Next box was the spar box. After taking off the layer of paper, the spars are just there gleaming up at me. I thought there would be a a LOT heavier than they really are. The spars are actually very lightweight.

Finally, the packing list. It is 5 pages long and full of all kinds of doo dads. It is as long as the skin crate!

All of the smaller parts I have been able to fit into the storage shelves. These things make it real nice to keep everything in one place. I was worried that they wouldn't be big enough for the wing pieces, but I still have one shelf free at the bottom for the empennage tips.

I still have all of the big stuff to get to - skins, spars, longerons, etc..



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