[January 3, 2006]

Tonight I got the stiffeners cut for the right elevator. Very similiar to the stiffeners of the rudder. I counted all of the stiffeners and figured out where they all go on both elevators before I cut. Also, the diagram has good instruction on how to cut them. For a second, I was worried because there was an odd amount of stiffeners - 29. Turns out the right side needs 14 stiffeners (all symetrical) and the left side needs 15 (because of the trim tab/motor).

I used the rotor-zip at 20-25k rpm to do all of my cutting. This type of tool works way better than the snips. I found that I got a lot better cuts and no metal distortion.

All of the right stiffeners in the process of being cut.

There are two ABCH pieces in the kit. The H piece (smallest) goes with the left elevator. the ABC pieces go with the right.

This is a comparison between the rotor-zip cut (bottom scrap) and the snips (top scrap). Notice how the top piece has over a 180 degree bend in it. The bottom piece has basically no distortion. I like the way the bottom piece looks a lot more, but my girlfriend likes the top pieces because she can use them as decorations, as they are more artsy. Whatever.

All of the stiffeners for the right cut...they still need some lovin' from the scotchbrite wheel.

This is the mess leftover.



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