[December 23, 2005]

Today I finished cutting all of the stiffeners. I used the snips that came with the Avery Toolkit. They worked well, but they did slightly bend the stiffeners. I think if I had to do it over again, I would use a die grinder or rotor-zip with a cut off wheel to prevent the bending.

Jack stopped over on his way to his parent's house from philly and gave me a hand deburring 1/2 of the stiffeners. We used the scotch-brite wheel on the bench grinder to knock down the edges and do a once over. I didn't like using the wheel for the whole deburring process because it tended to catch on the long diagonal that is towards the trailing edge of the rudder.

I was also at my uncles house today for a christmas party. He was adding on a garage to his house and he had a Husky upright belt drive oiled air compressor. He had nothing but good things to say about it. He had a 110V model with wheels. He said the nice thing about the wheeled version is he can easily move it up and down stairs by himself. He plugged it in and it made virtually no noise - much less than the direct drive compressor I have now. I think that is the compressor I will get when I move to my new place.

The left rudder skin sitting on top of the styrofoam pieces, with all of the stiffeners clecoed in. I arranges the styrofoam pieces so that there was something under the entire drill line and all of the skin was supported adequately.

Side shot of the styrofoam support.

The right skin with the front spar and rear bar clecoed in place. I did this to check the clearance.

The rear clearance...

And the front clearance. Looks good to me!!



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