[December 20, 2005]

Today I got a chance to run by sears and pick up the fly cutter. I did both of the 2" holes with ease. The fly cutter really cuts through aluminum like a hot knife through butter. I was pretty beat tonight since I had to be in at work super early, so that's pretty much all I did on the project. I didn't want to make a mistake in my tiredness.

Well, I couldn't stay away from the plane for too long so I ended up de-vinyling the skin. I finally got this down to a science. I am using a 40 watt soldering iron and a wood ruler for a straight edge. Once the iron is heated up, 1 inch per second is a good rate to get a good melt on the vinyl and no scratching on the alclad. It is just something you have to get a feel for.

Finally, I have seen some people put in conduit and/or grommets in their VS for future antenna/lights and even a camera for in-flight footage. I did some research on who did this and how they did it. Here is what I came up with:

1) rvproject.co.uk
2) Bobby Hester

My conclusion is that I am not going to put this in becayse as Bobby Hester pointed out that the counterbalance on the rudder would interfere with anything drilled between the front and rear spars. If I did intent to do any wiring, I could always just put a hole in the top and bottom ribs at anytime and run wire there. There is no middle "interference" rib on the HS.

The sears fly cutter did the trick!

The skin devinyled.

Using a piece of masking tape to hold the skin together really helped out with devinyling and also deburring.



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