[December 17, 2005]

After the HS was done, I went to my cousins house for an xmas party. Perfect timing for a party! I didn't stay too long because the VS was on my mind....

I clecos the spar and the doubles together, along with all of the hinges. Next I deburred and fluted the ribs. I think I finally have a good method down because it took no time to do this. It seemed like it was forever to get the ribs done on the HS. So, They got fluted and clecoed onto the spars.

It was too late to fire up the air compressor, but I wanted to have a good way to drill tomorrow. I don't like the idea of drilling sideways if I dont have to. Drilling top-down is easy. So, I clamped a 2x4 and some other piece of scrap to my bench and hung the VS from it via its rear spar. Now I have a nice up-down method for drilling tomorrow.

Rear spar/double/hinges clecoed together.

Ribs put into the mix-match

Here is my system for hanging the VS for drilling the rear spar.



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