[December 7, 2005]

A lot of work today, but not much to show in terms of pictures. I drilled the right HS skin to the ribs/spars today. Not very exciting because its already been done before, but at the same time, it was nice not having to read everything 3-4 times before commiting the drill to metal. The right side went super smoothly. My holes on the HS-405 inner rib ended up being perfect when I checked and then drilled them through to the front inner rib HS-404.

When I was done with the right side, I put the HS 404 and 405 in the left skin to mark where the excess was. I took everything apart, put them in left and right piles, then cleaned off all of the metal shavings from my bench.

Finally, I took the vinyl coating off of both skins. This turned out to take me about an hour to do. I way over did it at first by clamping a wooden ruler to the skin, then using the iron. By the end, I was just holding the ruler to the skin. The clamps did come in handy as an extra pair of hands on the top of the skins to make sure it didnt slip. I did the insides of the skins first to get some comfort level, then I did the bottom of the skin. I started on the bottom because if I wasn't doing something right, and it ended up marring up the outside skin, I would rather have the problem on the bottom. Who really has ever seen the bottom of a HS???

Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to get the parts labeled, holes deburred and get started on dimpling!

My initial overkill method for holding the iron to the skin. Don't bother with this...it isn't worth it.

The first 'cut'.

This is the right skin fully de-vinyled.



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