[April 6, 2007]

I drilled the bottom of the riblet of the outboard side of the trim tab. I drilled holes in the top skin for the riblet, but I am not going to backdrill the riblet until I can determine if there is a twist

Did the same for the inboard riblet.

I was so happy with how the riblets turned out I chopped the folded over rib on the elevator off with my dremel tool.

Same deal here - riblet and drilled only the bottom.

I aligned the trailing edge with some angle and then drilled the hinge to the elevator. Worked fantastically.

I flipped the angle over and used it to figure out if there was a twist in the trim tab. Sure enough, 1/8" - I am glad I didn't drill the top skin to the riblet yet! So with holding the trim tab twist free, I backdrilled the riblet on the trim tab.

OK, I don't know why I took this pic because it didn't show at all what I wanted to show. You will just have to use the verbal and visualize what I did. Since I just placed an order for parts yesterday with Van's, of course today I realized that I was short on the MK319BS pop rivets. Doh! I did have enough to finish up the trim tab, however, I did have enough to finish up the elevator. So I pop riveted the riblet to the elevator and then riveted the hinge to the elevator.



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