[November 22, 2005]

I got an unexpected suprise at work today.....my empennage arrived! Van's told me it would take 3 days via FedEx ground to get here, but I didnt believe them. Oregon is pretty damn far from Maryland! They some how got in here in two business days! Shipped Friday, arrived Tuesday morning before 10:00am! I have all thanksgiving weekend to work on this thing now! Woo Hoo!

I got a small scrap of 3/8"" plywood from my works woodshop today. After 5 minutes on the scroll saw, tada!

I use drilled by 1/4"" holes from the bottom up through the plywood to be able to remove my backriveting plate easily. Notice how nice a #2 long-handled phillips screwdrived fits.

The finished workbench....perfecto!

OK, workbench is done....now to unpack the goodies!

I am definitely cutting this out and hanging it on the wall in my shop. At work, everyone commented on it. I think it might be better worded as "Steal Me Please!"

Me with my long awaited goodies!

This is my girlfriends daughter, Cailin. I bet her little hands will come in handy bucking the skins on! She helped me take the previous pic.

I also got the Avery hand rivet squeezer (w/o yokes) today!

Box 1 (smaller box) unpacked. Where is the inventory sheet???

Box 1 unwrapped...no inventory sheet...is it burried somewhere? There was an inventory sheet for the hardware (rivets, screws, nuts, etc..). I went through and everything was there.

When I opened up box 2 (larger box), I was more happy to see the inventory sheet on top rather than the COOL SKINS! I guess most people open the larger box first. I took the inventory sheet and inventoried everything in the first box. There was only one thing in the first box that did not have a part # to it. I could of assumed what it was by process of elimination, but I wanted to be sure. So I dug out the plans and found it...some part of the rudder...I have seen so many part #'s tonight that I couldnt tell you what it was.

Everything from Box 2 unpacked.

View of other stuff in box 2.

This is everything unpacked, inventoried and put into 2 shelves of a 2'x4' heavy duty shelving system. I picked this up from home depot a while ago. I really like these a lot better than the flimsy steel ones. They are easy to put together and take apart without screws, and when together with the particle board shelves, they are stronger than a brick s-house.



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