[February 20, 2006]

First off, EAA Technical Counselor Bob Scherer came over to take a look at my work thus far. He is a super nice guy and a member of my local 1384 chapter out of Westminster. He was happy with everything he saw and told me to keep on doing whatever I am doing.

I spent about 2 hours working on my trim tab bend. The trailing edge needed to be wacked down just a hair more. Also, there was a slight bow inward of the metal. It took a long ass time to get the thing where it ended up being straight on either side. I still don't know if it is OK yet. I needed to walk away from it for a while....

Next I finished the riveted on the right elevator. No real tricks here.

EAA Inspection done!

I taped two steel rules to the hand seamers so that the edges of the seamers wouldn't dent the skin of the trailing edge of the trim skin. It did the trick!

I put a radius in the trailing outside corner of the trim tab.

The right elevator all closed up!



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