[January 30, 2006]

I got back to work on the elevators tonight. I checked again for the quality of the bend in the skins and wasn't satisfied with the bend in the right skin. I bent it a little more and I got better results. I am overall happy with how the bend turned out on both skins.

I am working on both left and right sides in tandem to expediate things, and so when I prime, I have everything for both sides. I started out by match drilling the nutplates/reinforcement plates. Next was onto fluting and deburring the edges on the ribs. The manual says only to do it for the end ribs, but I decided to do all the ribs in one foul swoop to get it out of the way. Next you need to cleco the end ribs together and match drill. Next was putting the end ribs onto the spar. There is a lot to line up here. The #40 holes that the skins attach to where the rib and the spar meet didn't meet up. I don't know what to do about this. Some bending of the spar and maybe ribs needs to be accomplished to make this work better. I match drilled anyways. It didn't hit me until later that I should of probably figured out the slight mismatch. Oh well, its only like 1/32" off. I don't think it will be an issue. The holes that hold the inner rib to the spar can't be reached with a normal drill bit. I used a 12" bit with plenty of left over.

Spars match drilled with nutplates.

All the ribs/inside spars fluted and deburred.

This is how the end is formed - Back to back ribs. Make sure that there is no bow in the ribs. This can cause a seperation that can lead to trouble.

End ribs attached to the spar.

The 12" bit used to get the annoying holes.



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