[November 5, 2022]

It was a little breezy 70 degree day here in MD - very very warm for this time of year. No one was at the airport, I think the 20 kts gusty winds scared everyone away. It was straight down the runway, so may as well take advantage of the last day of Daylight Savings Time's late sunset for the year.

The new GTN650xi had not yet locked on to satellites yet, so it took a while to get them acquired.

The new panel. I am really happy with it! I think the only original items from the build in 2010 are the GTX327 transponder and the ASI. And I have plans to make both of them things of the past soon!

This GTN650xi is so sweet. So much faster than the non-xi version.

The Garmin Autopilot is absolutely rock solid. I did the RNAV approach to THV RWY 17 today and it was centered the entire time. Really amazing how good it is.

Speaking of good - it was a beautiful day to fly!

It was about 30 minutes until sunset when I got back to KDMW, so I headed out west of the airport to see if it would be a good sunset. Wasting time. I pulled back the engine and played around with the autopilot settings. The first thing I did was fail the primary G5 to see if the secondary G5 would take over. At first it showed the AP was not available after the GMC showed it was disconnected.

It took a while for it to assume the duties, but after it made heads and tails out of the fact the primary G5 was no longer active, it gave me the ability to turn on the autopilot. However, it quickly disengaged.

Well I think I know why, I didn't calibrate the new G5 - I assumed the calibration settings would be transferred from the primary G5, but it looks like I need to go through some basics here.

The sunset was a little lackluster. But still a great way to spend 2 hours up in the air today!

71 degrees! November 5th!

My tracks today - pretty much under the control of the AP the entire time.



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