[November 2, 2022]

The weather has been absolutely perfect to be in the hangar this week - in the high 60's during the day, and mid 50's in the evening. Perfectly comfortable to get all of this work done.

GRT released a new version for the Sport SX software this summer with a lot of new fixes and features. I waited a few months for other people to dig up bugs, but after 4 months of being out there, I figured it was safe to upgrade (after I made sure to back up all of my settings). The full list of new features and fixes is listed here GRT Sport SX software change history_16.00.html.

The features/fixes I was most interested are:

  • Add GRT Discovery ADS-B receiver interface.

  • Use file browser for Load EFIS Software, Load Navigation Database, Copy Terrain Database

  • Exit flight plan page when direct-to activation is confirmed

  • Work around some newer Garmin IFR GPS models sending "ALT" instead of current waypoint identifier

The upgrade worked and all seemed to be well with both PFD and MFD display.

I figured since I am updating the world, I might as well update the new GTN also.

The last item I had remaining to hook up the new G5 was to run the pitot/static lines to it. I already had space ports on the manifolds, so this was really straightforward. I am able to get some really sharp bends with the 1/4" tubing by heating it up with a heat gun and then gently bending it while wearing gloves. It takes a few iterations of heat and a lot of patience to make sure it doesn't kink or get overheated and collapse, but it works quite well!

I am amazed at how quickly this G5 was installed - 2 nights, about 3-4 hours total.

My auxiliary battery was showing low voltage tonight - like 7 volts. I don't know if I wore it down too much with the recent upgrades I did since I did rely on it heavily, or if its just getting end of life (shouldn't be - it was purchases in April 2020). I rigged up a wiring harness to get it topped off with a charger.



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