[July 24, 2019]

Van's had their new "A" model nose gear on display for the RV-7A/9A.

Seems to be a lot "beefier" than the previous design. I hope it helps reduce nose-over landings.

Paul Dye had his SubSonex on display near the FAA pavilion. It's MUCH smaller than it looks!

Hey now, this person has some serious dedication to outfit a Delorean to look like the Back To The Future car.

Check out that Flux Capacitor power supply! It looks VERY similar to the power supply I had in my old 286 computers.

It didn't take us very long to find the free beer.

And the word got out fast because our friends were quick to join us.

Onto the next free party - for the second year in a row, Mitch got us VIP passes to the WAT tent.

The view from the second level of the WAT tent was great!

Last year the night airshow was a wash out. We were lucky and had perfect weather this year.

The finale was just incredible - mushroom cloud of fire and why not shoot fireworks into it?

The evening was still young so we meandered over to the SOS brothers tent. Finally we needed to pay for a beverage out of our pockets!

We ran into our good friend Arie and his son Kian.



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