[March 24, 2019]

So this didn't happen today...BUT..I was fortunate to get some time off of work in Portland, OR this week to visit my good friend Bruce and his RV-7A project. I've been visiting Bruce in Portland for over 10 years...back in the days he was just finishing up his wings. He's an awesome host and I recommend anyone who visits the Portland area to pay him a visit. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!

It's been a terrible few days of weather since I got back from Portland. Rain and WIND! Today seemed perfect, so I talked to my Plymouth friends and arranged to meet them halfway at Sky Acres (44N) for breakfast.

The flight up at 5500' was effortless. Nice clear skies and a tailwind.

I was a little early to arrive, so I visited the SkyGeek store for some cheap oil.

While I loaded up my goodies, my PYM friends arrived - Mitch in Billy's RV-6

And the man that needs no introduction - Captain' John.

After a great breakfast of catching up, we snapped a quick photo in the cold wind before heading off in our respectable directions.

Flew over West Point, NY. Notice the close ski slope!

Upper Greenwood Lake, NY. There was a speedboat tearing up the lake in this 5th day of spring like he was in a Kid Rock video!



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