[June 15, 2018]

I worked on the #1 and #3 cylinders tonight.

I had an issue with the #1 cylinder, where the flange would want to fall down the intake tube under its own weight causing the o-ring and metal ring to fall out. It was pretty frustrating. My solution was to wrap the intake pipe with some electrical tape to prevent the flange from being able to fall down. Worked GREAT!

The finished product.

These constant-tention clamps are great once you get them on.

Ever since day one of flying the RV, I have struggled with getting my cowl off. The front sticks pretty good with the camlocks binding between the two mating surfaces.

I used a dremel to bevel the top edge. Hopefully this allows the male camlock portion to more-easily come out.

Next up was the test flight. All ground runs were good....Now the good news - THIS IS THE SMOOTHEST MY ENGINE HAS EVER RAN! I have always had issues running lean of peak and the engine running smooth. 7.5 GPH at about 10 degrees LOP was what I could get on a good day. Today I leaned all the way back to 40 degrees LOP and 6.9 GPH and the engine didn't miss a beat. I'm thrilled!!

To top off this great flight, I had the pleasure of being at the right spot in the sky to snap this awesome sunset shot.



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