[November 11, 2017]

It's my favorite time of year! My friend Mitch in Plymouth, MA throws a great bar crawl in downtown Plymouth every year names appropriately "Mitchapalooza". It's always on my yearly calendar about the same time I mark off when Sun 'n' Fun and Oshkosh are. This year my friend Julia was begging to come with me, as she is also a friend of Mitch's. We couldn't of asked for a better day - severe CAVU and a tailwind. Only issue was it was COLD - 25 degrees on the ground when we took off from KDMW.

I don't think Julia particularly likes flying. She more-so likes the idea of Baltimore-to-Boston in 2 hours for free! She prepped for the chilly weather appropriately with multiple layers and assumed the sleeping position shortly after takeoff.

Like I said - severely clear.

We cruised up there starting at 7,500 and eventually went up to 9,500.

Two good things with this photo. I recently replaced my mechanical fuel pump and my fuel pressure has been slightly higher (25-26 instead of 23-24 psi), and also there was a temperature inversion. It was warmer up at altitude than it was on the ground.

Looking South-East over the Verizano Narrows bridge and Sandy Hook, NJ.

Passing over Manhattan.

We had a pretty nice tailwind the entire time up.

When we landed it once again got cold - it was in the 20's up in Plymouth. Julia insisted on waiting in the airplane with the canopy down until her ride appeared.

I had an unexpected surprise at Plymouth airport for the accommodations for my plane for the evening. I was supposed to share a hangar with my friend George and his SR22. However, Captain John realized his other hangar neighbor Jason was out of the country and his hangar was free. One quick text to Jason and I got the thumbs up to park my bird in his AMAZING hangar for the night. Jason's hangar was recently written up in the Late Fall edition of the Boston Common magazine - BostonCommonLateFall2017_Jason.pdf.

After a quick ride to downtown Plymouth, we joined in the Mitchapalooze festivities with none other than the host himself at Speedwell's Tavern.

I have a lot of great friends up here - CFI Derek.

Notice we all shop at the same store...

Julia indulged at T-Bones with a flight of Bloody Mary's.

You can't pass up a photo-op with the guillotine at the entrance to Pillory Pub.

After a fun evening out, I got to meet see my favorite "rat-dog" Loki.

We slept in the next day and then helped John out with some chores. We were off the ground around 2:30pm headed back home. Headwinds greeted us the whole way home, so we stayed low at 3,500'.

Ironically it was much warmer today than yesterday, yet Julia required more layers? Great Mitchapalooza!!!



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