[July 23, 2017]

The weather on the Sunday before the show started was perfect - a nice overcast layer and the temps were in the 70's. It was nice to talk around the grounds before the public was allowed in.

Walked by the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. It is the first rocket to ascend above the Karman line and successfully return to Earth for a vertical landing.

Not much free time was had today as I was hosting the Second Annual Oshkosh HBC Beer Tasting. The amount of people and beer this year was overwhelming. Easily 250 people. We needed to get creative with containers to keep beer cold in. We even needed to resort to thick plastic garbage bags.

I had an outstanding group of volunteers who really made this possible to be a success. Rob Schroer came back to help out for a second year.

Frank "Knarf" Smidler helped out also with setup.

Paul McCurdy really saved the day. He saw we would be short on beer containers and flagged down the EAA "Pope-mobile" to get a ride over to North-40 to grab some bins from Target. Thanks Paul!!!!

Does anyone here look like they are having fun?

Finally, time for me to enjoy one!

Beer from all over the world made an appearance here. Castle Lager courtesy of Arie from South Africa.

Not too impressed with the Steel Reserve. This is a CRAFT beer event...not CRAP beer. Some people will bring anything to get in the door - 80/20 rule proves to persist even at the HBC beer tasting.

My good friend Jim Buechler always steels beer from my at SNF and other Osh's....finally I get even!

Jim brought a "Bad Hombre" beer from Independent Brewing Company of Bel Air, MD for me - his "Bad Hombre"!

With all of the work out of the way and the party on autopilot, all of us volunteers and coordinators were having a lot of fun.

And so was everyone else!

The last remaining item to tackle after we ran out of beer was cleanup. Captain John's domestic capabilities really shined!

My event also made front-page news on VAF. Thanks to all of the volunteers and Jerry Fischer to make this event happen! Looking forward to next year!!



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