[May 7, 2006]

I got an unexpected surprise this weekend. On friday morning I got a email from Salty wanting to know if I wanted to ride along in his -8. His RV-8 was the first RV I ever got a ride in back last November. It took me about 2 nanoseconds to write back accepting his offer!

When I got to his house, I got my first glimpse of his new quickbuild wings. The construction quality was excellent. Van's uses a slick clear primer on all their internal parts. At Salty's hangar he has the fuselage and the finishing kit.

The ride to Altoona was uneventful. My typical RV grin was kicking the whole way there. He has a sweet setup with a Garmin 296 in the backseat so that the passenger has something to play around with. We made our typical "wow, this would of taken me twice as long in my 172" time to KAOO and waited on the ramp for a few other RV's to show up. Lunch was great. Nothing like talking planes for a hour with people that have the real things. As a sidenote, Altoona is a great meal destination. Good menu prices, but if you fly in, they give an extra 10% off. Can't beat that.

All in all, about 8 RV's made it out. On the way back we did a lose 3 way formation to the potamac river, then we broke off and dipped down to about 800' off the river and followed it for about 10-15 minutes. Once we got close to Harpers Ferry, we broke off and headed home. Perfect RV day.

John Clark and son Jake from Culpeper, VA came up in his RV-9A.

Salty's -8.

Bob's -6

Another shot of Salty's ride. This thing is a real treat to get a ride in.

Some formation video.

Potomac river flying

More Potomac river flying

Even more river flying.....you bored yet?

Last of the river flying. I had a tough time trying to keep the camera steady in the turns. I think this one turned out the best once I learned the best place to rest my wrist.



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