[November 12, 2016]

Today's destination was Plymouth, MA for Mitchapalooza. What's Mitchapalooza you ask? My friend Mitch (A&P and pilot out of KPYM) throws an annual bash for his birthday in the form of free t-shirts and a bar crawl through downtown Plymouth. We planned to stop in Falmouth, MA (5B6) for some cheap gas on the way.

The weather was just perfect. Clear skies and no real wind. We cruised over NYC's class B airspace at 7,500'.

My friend "Bull" was in town visiting for the weekend from Greensboro, NC. He got a real kick out of flying.

After a successful flight up north, it was time for the celebration to begin.

All of the KPYM characters were in attendance - Captain John and Desiree.

The bar crawl went past Plymouth Rock. We were severely underwhelmed.

As the evening progressed, the shenanigans did as well. After our first stop at Speedwells, we went down to Pillory Pub. This is a great spot if you are ever in town during the summer season. They close down in the late fall.

The birthday boy himself...Mitch! Everywhere we went he had a customized beer glass waiting for him.

Bull's friend Casie from Boston drove down to participate in Mitchapalooza.

If you couldn't tell, we're having a great time!

CFII Derek was also in attendance.

After a short nights rest and a handful of Advil, it was time to take off back to Maryland.

Cranberry bogs were all over the place.

Another great day to fly. Perfect visibility.

Narragansett Bay.

KPVD airport to the west of the bay.

I fought a 20 kts headwind most of the way home.

I thought this picture of Block Island turned out really well. She looked so surreal from the air.

Approaching Long Island to the south.

I flew over NYC again, this time at 8,500'. KLGA below.


I swung just south of Harrisburg, PA on the way back. The famous Three Mile Island nuclear power plant just south of the city off the Susquehanna.

I had some extra time this afternoon since my friend Bull decided to fly commercially back to Greensboro from Boston. It made more sense than me flying him back to NC in the RV, then turning around and coming back to MD. I called my friend up to see if she wanted to take advantage of this perfect day to be flying. So I stopped by Carlisle, PA (N94) and we went for a quick 15 minute flight in the area. If you couldn't tell from the smile...she loved it! Great RV day to be flying!



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