[May 27, 2016]

The weather worked out for us to take a weekend trip up to my girlfriends family's house on Nantucket. The trip up was dirt simple - direct to JFK, and then island-hop over Long Island, Block Island, Martha's Vineyard and finally Nantucket. It was a warm 90 degree day on the ground - I noticed my ground roll took a little longer than normal with the high density altitude of the airport and the airplane being loaded with luggage.

We climbed up to 9500' to find some cooler air. We also found a nice tailwind of 16 kts.

The clouds were amazing to look at. Great views the entire trip.

The Big Iron started getting close as we neared NYC.

The views of NYC were pretty hazy. You can barely see Manhattan.

The tailwind kept up as we rounded NYC. The temps were quite nice up high also - 49 degrees OAT.

Chugging along at 182 kts GS.

Flying over Block Island.

Approaching Nantucket

We came in on runway 24 which gave us some nice views of the Nantucket inlet and harbor.

While on base for 24, I noticed I had a lot of correction in my heading to have a proper base leg. Looking down at the winds aloft calculator it was clear what the issue was - 51 kts winds aloft at 500'! The ground winds were 10 kts, so there was a 40 kts wind sheer going on here under 500'. I kept my speed way up on final in order to deal with the high wind sheer.

Safe on the island, we got to enjoy a wonderful sunset.

The forecast for both the island and back home was constantly changing. At first I thought we would only be able to stay for a day. Then the weather got better and we could stick around for 2 days. Check out this PIREP - DRINKS SPILLED due to moderate chop on a Gulfstream G550 - Oh the humanity!

We decided to head out on Sunday to beat the weather back home. I wanted to stop by Captain John's hangar on KPYM to pick up a new starter. The ramp at KACK was filled with jets.

My girlfriend seems content of her non-jet travel.

Upwind off of KACK.

South of KPYM Captain John and I met up in the air.

Final for runway 6 at KPYM.

John recently got into homebrew - he self declared his beer the "Best Beer in the Universe". Too bad I was flying - every non-flying pilot was partaking in libations.

I found some cool toys in the Captain's neighbors Hangar.

We needed to scoot out of KPYM after a short 1.5 hour visit due to some fog rolling in out of the north-east. We went up to 8,500' for the trip back to be above the NYC airspace and have a direct shot back.

On the south side of Long Island the entire shoreline was socked in.

2 kts of headwind was very nice.

The boats were out in force taking advantage of this beautiful day.

I wonder what store this is????

Flying over Laguardia.

The view of NYC was much better today.

Interesting fog rolling into NYC.

Things really cleared up when we got near home. It was pretty soupy up in New England and it gradually got better as we neared home. We timed the day just perfectly - about 2 hours after we landed it started to rain at home.



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