[April 2, 2016]

The last few flights I have noticed there hasn't been the option for weather to be displayed on my MFD where I usually keep my map. However, on my PFD, the map page has options for weather to be displayed. This sort of makes sense since the ADS-B receiver is connected to the PFD EFIS, however, I thought the GRT's were supposed to share everything over their inter-display link?

The MFD doesn't have any of the weather options.

GRT recently came out with support for the Stratux ADS-B receiver and they documented the installation in a PDF File (http://www.grtavionics.com/StratuxSupplement.pdf). While reading through this, it all made sense. Since my displays are connected serially, weather is not being shared.

My only options to try to get weather to display on the MFD is to wire it through the ARINC module. The only high speed serial port on the MFD is occupied with the GRT ARINC module, however, the ARINC module has a pass-through port for serial data. Nice design - you don't really give up the serial port with the ARINC module.

Wiring was a piece of cake. I didn't even need to lengthen or shorten the cable. Even the female DSUB pin was the correct one. Things never go this easy! Well, it wasn't actually this easy. It turns out the wiring diagram I was using was old and not correct. The serial input wire was incorrect. So I quickly rewired it.

Things started to look up, however, I was only able to get 57,600 bps as the fastest speed which I could receive data from the NavWorx box with. Still, should be plenty of bandwidth for traffic and weather.

The ADS-B status page was also happy receiving valid frames.

Sweet! Weather options on my MFD. Mission successful! Bring on Sun and Fun!!!



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