[August 11, 2015]

I needed a Lycoming Valve compressor tool in order to compress the exhaust valve and remove the keys, in order for the springs to be removed. There are a number of tools on the market that are priced somewhat reasonably.

This is from Aircraft Spruce - p/n 12-21520 for $60

And another option from ACS, p/n 12-00202 for $77.

SkyGeek sells this variety for $150, p/n ATS3602

And then there is the Valve Wizard for $150. This is a really nice took as it gives you both hands free to remove the keys.

I didn't have any desire to spend good money and waste time waiting for a tool to arrive that I thought I could make myself. This is the end result - two pry-bar attached with two 1/8" rivets.

This part of the tool started out as a Stanley 55-515 12-3/4-inch Wonderbar Pry Bar (p/n 1-55-515, $12). I trimmed the base to fit between the guides for the rocker arms, and made an opening to depress the valve, while at the same time being able to remove the keys. I wrapped it in electrical tape to prevent any scratches.

The other part of the took consisted of a Kobalt 7-in Pry Bar (Item #: 117699 / Model #: 62897 - $6) which pivoted on a socket extension installed where the rocker arm shaft originally was.

The tool in action in a blurry photo. It worked fabulously! $18 well spent!

It took some work, but the keys to the exhaust valve were removed. I lucked out and found out quickly the valve was sticky. It was tough to move it in and out of the cylinder.

They keys were quite small.

Important engine data. I need to call up Superior tomorrow to get information on what size reamer I need to clean out the valve guides. I have read anywhere from 0.4895" to 0.4995".

I was ahead of schedule with the engine issue, so I turned my attention to another issue I have been having - leaking oil out of the oil filler tube base.

Yuck, what a mess around the filled neck entry point into the engine case.

This is the substandard washer that came with the engine.

I decided to make a new washed out of some washer material I had at home which I think came from Home Depot.

Boom! New washer made.

And in no time, the new washer was installed. I really hope this fixes the oil leak here. It's been plaguing me the entire time I've owned this airplane.



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