[August 5, 2015]

This project has been a long time in the making. I didn't like the way the AN4 bold stuck out of the side of the wheelpants - I wanted a countersunk screw installed in it's place. While I was at Oshkosh, I stopped by the Cleveland Tool bus and picked up a 1/4" countersunk bit. Also, I ordered some 1/4-28" countersunk Phillips head stainless screws.

This was the old. It bothered me everytime I looked at it.

Voila! The replacement. It's actually just temporary. It took a good amount of strength to install the phillips head screw. So I ordered some different screws with a hex head. Using an allen key should make this easier.

A new package arrived this week for me. Hmmm, I wonder what it is?

After a long search for an backup attitude indicator to my GRT EFIS, I settled on the TruTrak Gemini ADI. Out of all of the other attitude indicators out there (RC Allen, GRT Mini, Dynon D6/D10A), the TruTrak ADI fit my needs and wallet. The only thing I don't like about it is the pitch is based on the climb rate and not the attitude of the airplane.

The unit is very nice. It's interface is a touch screen.

It's truly amazing how thin and lightweight this is.

Connections are pretty simple - Pitot, Static and a DB9 for the electrons to go in and out.

First step was the easy part - installing the quick couplers for the pitot/static lines.

I decided to wire the Gemini ADI to both my Auxiliary and Essential busses. In order to keep them isolated, I needed to install some dioed. I chose the SR360 Schottky diodes due to their low forward voltage drop.

Typical diodes loose about 0.7 volts. The SR360 Schottky diode looses only 0.35V at 0.2Amp. While not a big deal, if all hell breaks loose and the batteries are draining, this could offer a few precious extra minutes of the ADI continuing to work.

The only downside to the SR360 diodes were their size. They were pretty big.

I was able to get them barely installed into the hood of the DB9 connector. The harness I made up contains two power inputs (red), ground (black), GPS input (orange with blue stripe) and the dimmer (green).

I didn't have time to install the ADI tonight, but I really wanted to see it work. Connecting it to the powerdrill battery I had made it come alive. I was shocked at how fast it booted up - less than a second.

The display is very nice on this unit. I am very happy with my purchase.

I stopped by Peters hangar to drop off the GoPro I borrowed for Oshkosh. To my surprise, I counted 4 tools of mine that migrated their way to his hangar! I think I need to change my locks!



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