[July 23, 2015]

Sad times - my last day at Oshkosh and time to pack up the campsite. This has been a great home for the past 4 nights.

Homebuilt Camping really seemed to clear out between yesterday and today.

The new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. The $104 million Air Force fighter jet made its civilian air show debut at EAA AirVenture.

Right next to it was the F22 Raptor.

I decided to wander over to airplanes I could actually have the possibility of owning one day. AirCam has a new canopy for their ship. This makes it even more appealing as a next airplane for me.

Time for takeoff to by next destination - Des Moines, IA to visit a great college friend. I thought I'd document the takeoff out of Oshkosh with three GoPro cameras. One mounted inside facing me.

The other on the tail.

And the final one under the wing. Unfortunately, I got rushed as soon as I pulled my airplane out into the taxiway and forgot to turn on the two outside cameras! Oh well, there's always next year.

The trip out of Osh was very straightforward, and no weather was along the route. My plan was to stop off at KOVS for some fuel.

The day was spectacular leaving Oshkosh.

Minimal headwinds.

Excited for my next adventure!

Pulled back to 7.5GPH getting 20.3 MPG.

My fuel stop - KOVS - Boscobel.

The fuel here was priced right - $3.99/G. I was really lucky - the pumps tanks started to run dry as I was topping off my last tank. I felt sorry for the twin behind me who needed 100 gallons.

Boscobel has a free airport car to drive into town. Perfect, as I was getting hungry.

Yelp didn't offer many fine dining choices in Boscobel. Double K's had the most reviews - 3.

Double K's definitely lived up to it's reviews. The grilled chicken club was out of this world.

Approaching the Mississippi river I noticed a farm with some interesting designs.

First time crossing the Mississippi in the RV!

The weather in Iowa was fantastic. Perfect flying day.

I had some time to kill while my friend who was picking me up was in meetings, so I pulled back into efficiency mode. 7.1 GPH doing 133 kts.

I landed at KIKV, Ankeny Airport north east of Des Moines and tied down for the night. The staff at Exec 1 Aviation could not of been nicer. No overnight fee, plus they offered me all kinds of food (Cake, Brownies, Jimmy Johns and fruit). Great FBO.

My friend Rene picked me up not too long after I got settled and off to downtown Des Moines we went. The first stop was the Hessen Haus for some liters of Hofbrau.

We did some bar hopping and ended up at Proof Restaurant . The charcuterie and cheese platter was out of this world.



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