[July 20, 2015]

The first full day of Oshkosh started off bright and early with my friend Brian Chesteen (Brantel). It was a great run to the southern portion of the airport.

Next up was a visit to the vendors. TruTrak released their $1,000 autopilot which is based on the iLevel ARHS. It uses aileron and elevator trim servos to change the pitch and roll. Because of the lack of dedicated heavy servos, the installation of this AP comes in at about a pound.

TruTrak also had a wind tunnel on display to show how the autopilot controls the control surfaces.

I was really impressed with all of the different Angle of Attack readouts that Alpha Systems had. Their heads-up display is about the cleanest method I have seen to put a AOA indication on the dash of the RV.

L3 promised to have an "affordable" EFIS this year - their Genesis. Too bad their definition of affordable is different than mine. It starts at $6,000. I don't think we will be seeing many of these in RV's.

The AHRS/Magnetometer for their Genesis EFIS was very impressive. Small and very lightweight.

Grant Rapids released their Heads-up Display (HUD) system. It is based on a pair of Epson glasses (BT-200) that are wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to either a HX or SX EFIS's.

The intro price is only $750.

EMagair had their 6-cylinder version of their electronic ignition on display. Brad indicated they will start shipping in August. Check out the beefy connector they use! I sure wish they used something like this on their 4 cylinder EMAG/PMAG.

Time for me to put my media passes to good work. The beautiful girls at the Heavens Landing booths just don't take pictures with anyone.

Jealously quickly set in, and the other model needed to have a picture with the most powerful man in RV media.

After settling a minor argument, I assured them that there was enough of me to go around for both of them!

The ICON A5 was on display this year again and it had a major crowd in its booth.

The cockpit looks just like the interior of a car. Very nicely done.

It was nice to see they have an AOA indicator up high.

The A5 has foldable wings and fits nicely on a trailer.

After a pass through the vendors tents, I met up with Captain John, Noah and Agent Orange and went through the Fly Market. John decided it was a good time to break out his new lightweight, compact folding chair from Spencer Aircraft (http://spenceraircraft.com).

A trip to Oshkosh isn't complete until we run across our good friend Chad Jensen who works for Vertical Power.

Next up on our itinerary was the Beer Fairly RV Social. Rumor was beer ran out early last year, so we were the first ones there.

John enjoying his new Vertical Power chair.

Captain John with the first beer poured!

The new Composite Airbus A350 was performing in the airshow - we had a great view of it from the Beerfest.

We got a kick out the the Ridley V Twin motorcycle Dan Horton was riding around on. This thing sounded just like a Harley.

The man, the myth, the legend - Albit Girod!

CJ with Scott and Tanya Card

The Beer Fairly RV Social turned out quite a large crowd at its peak.

The remainder of the evening got a little blurry. Luckily I was able to use my camera to retrace the events that unfolded later on in the evening at the SOS brothers tent.



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