[November 25, 2012]

I finished up my GoPro Hero3 mount tonight. I used a piece of 063 angle to attach it to the vertical stabilizer. When I put the tip on the vertical stabilizer, I used screws thinking I would put a small camera inside of it at some point. Well fast forward a few years and the GoPro camera is the perfect RV recording companion. I simply reused the screw holes for the GoPro mount.

The coolest feature in the new GoPro Hero3's is the ability for it to be controlled via WiFi through an iPad. Here is the view it has, and the control I have over it via the iPad app.

I used some baffle material between the angle and the vertical stabilizer in order to reduce any chaffing of the skin.

Although the sticky mount for the GoPro seemed pretty solid, I didn't like the idea of a $300 camera to be not secured by some mechanical means. I added two #6 countersunk screws to the mount to assure this thing won't be shaken off the airplane.

A little less than a month ago, I noticed my fuel pressure was on the high side when the electric fuel pump was on. It first started when I turned on the electric pump right before I landed near Cleveland. If I recall correctly, it was reporting around 39 PSI. Each time I have flown since it seems to be creeping up. Tonight in the hangar it got to its highest level yet -- 46 PSI.

I started to tears apart the fuel system. There is a fuel regulator valve that opens when the fuel pressure gets to around 35 PSI. I think it was sticking because the fuel pressure was getting much higher. I couldn't determine which part in the fuel system was the regulator and which was the check valve. Of course I got them backwards in my head. The regulator is a blue barrel (not shown in the photo), and the check valve is the silver canister.

I ended up draining some fuel from my tanks because I thought I needed to in order to remove the entire fuel system. Turns out the fuel level in full tanks allows fuel to flow into the fuselage when you attempt to remove the fuel selector valve. I pretty much threw in the towel at this point and went home to do more research. Good thing I did -- turns out I don't need to drain the tanks and should be able to rebuild the regulator easily.



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